Rogue Motherhood

I’ve gone rogue. Not in a sad, John McCain sense, but in a “the encroaching laziness has taken over and I haven’t worn real pants in days” sense. The state of Maine doesn’t recognize my New Hampshire teaching certification and I’ve got to take a some Praxis tests next week to qualify for my Special Ed. certification. I’ve been studying so much that the conditions have gone down hill here in Zoey land.

Here are some examples of my rogue (some would say bad) parenting over the past week:

– Took Zoey to Old Orchard Beach for Labor Day. Allowed her to eat frosting covered donuts, pier fries and sand. Considered organizing a fight club between the moms whose children were wearing swim shirts and the moms whose babies were in bikinis. The old French guys in banana hammocks could referee.

– Did not play with Zoey between naps. Studied for Praxis tests and let the dogs watch her instead. (Before anyone leaves mean comments, our dogs are very responsible.)

– Haven’t done groceries lately, so the dinner choice last night was hot dogs or nachos. Went with Mcdonald’s drive thru instead. This is the second time in her life that Zoey has eaten there, but her enthusiasm for chicken nuggets tells me it won’t be her last.

– Bought Zoey an octopus costume for Halloween, largely because I think it’s funny.

– To cap it all off, I didn’t sleep well last night, so I put sweet Z down for a nap early this morning and went back to bed.

Me, hiding from my responsibilities.

Me, hiding from my responsibilities.

After I finish the tests for my certification we’ll go on walks and visit the farmer’s market. She’ll hang at the library and enrich her senses by playing with age appropriate locally sourced toys. Maybe we’ll even fit a play date in there somewhere…but until then…the dogs have got this covered.

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