Toddler Blues

The signs have been coming for weeks. A tantrum here, a few naughty faces there, but this morning, when Zoey shrieked like a banshee in training after every bite of cream of wheat without maple syrup on it, I knew. My baby isn’t a baby anymore. She’s entered the dreaded toddler stage.

My living room looks like a bomb hit it, and Zoey isn’t interested in cleaning up. She throws her cup when she’s mad, and sneakily feeds her food to the dog.

The fact that I had to stop typing this in order to keep my daughter from climbing over the blockade I built to trap her in the living room is further proof. I love the dramatic fireplace and bench that is a feature of the living room…but I don’t love how I can’t put up a normal baby gate. And for a child that can’t walk, she’s figured out climbing surprisingly fast.

Zoey loves blocks and boxes. She likes to take Moose’s toy and wave it at him to get him to come see her. She likes keys and rubber ducks in the tub. The garage door opening scares her. She doesn’t want help for pretty much anything she does.

This time last year, my two week old baby was sleeping and eating, and not doing much else. Now she has her own ideas and plans. She’s turning into a little person. She may be annoying to clean up after, but this funny, determined, silly, little girl is becoming a lot of fun to be around.

Becky Duquette

About Becky Duquette

Becky is a stay at home mom to Zoey, her family's pack of dogs, and several cats who is rediscovering what it means to be a Mainer.