Moving Again

This has been a big week. We celebrated Zoey’s first birthday and closed on our new house. Zoey visited her new doctor for the first time, and we’ve spent hours moving things and unpacking. Suddenly I realized it was Thursday and I still hadn’t put together a column for the blog!

We’ve been dealing with the typical moving things: cable, internet, figuring out which keys go where. The biggest difference between moving into this new house and moving into our old new house is having Zoey. She’s starting to get super curious about what’s going on everywhere, but she’s still nervous about new places. The end result of this is a baby that wants to crawl everywhere, but also wants Mom within easy grabbing distance at all times. This has made unpacking a challenge. Right now there’s a huge pile of stuff in our living room that I’m hoping to tackle during nap time.

The most ridiculous thing that’s happened to us this week is that Raymond, NH sent us a certified letter.  We’re expecting a refund on our property taxes, so we really wanted to get that letter, but we missed the postman at the house in Monmouth. We took the slip to the North Monmouth post office and they told me that I could either get the letter tomorrow at 8:00 or Noon IF they decided to open the office. Somewhat frustrating, but very Maine. Later, we saw the postman drive past us, and always willing to grab opportunity when we see it, we turned our truck around and chased him down. (We seriously need that tax refund.) We were able to catch him and get our letter, only to find that it was a letter saying that if we didn’t register our dog, they were going to summons us to court for the grand fee of…wait for it…$25. Luckily, all I had to do was call the town clerk and explain that we moved away and that Moose (the dog) was no longer a Raymond resident, and they agreed to call off the law.

Moose fought the law, and we won.

Moose fought the law, and we won.

With all the chaos of moving and mailman harassment, we haven’t really gotten out and looked around. I’m originally from Limington, in southern Maine, and my husband is from Monmouth. Our new house is in Gardiner. Neither of us have spent much time in the area and aside from a briefly shouted recommendation from the sellers’ agent about a walking track, we have no idea what there is to do in town. If you see a confused looking lady with a baby carrier wandering around downtown Gardiner or Hallowell over the next several weeks, it’s probably me.

Any recommendations for Gardiner area places Zoey and I should check out this week?


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Becky is a stay at home mom to Zoey, her family's pack of dogs, and several cats who is rediscovering what it means to be a Mainer.